Monday, March 29, 2010

American Beauty Show.....

So I wasn't going to attend the American Beauty Show... but then my friend Karen called me up and said she had 3 extra tickets!!! So I called up my girlfriends.. Polly and Diem to come with me.. we met our friend Jean there also! It was so much fun! So much to see! We were all running around like mad woman's! We were literally trying to see everything and everyone!!! I love conventions!! This is really nothing compare to International Beauty Show Las Vegas. All and All we girls had fun! I didn't go crazy and bought everything! ..I was trying to be very conscious of what I was gong to buy! .. So I only bought a couple of items.. brushes..and a few makeup that I needed.. .. Oh Yah! Tabitha.. from Bravo was there also!! She's tiny in person! and of course her hair was perfect!

Diem and I
Diem and Polly

A back shot of Tabitha Head taken with my Iphone lol

How crazy and cool is she!!

A few of Chi Master Stylist .. hair was flying every which way! lol

So soft!!! and super cute!

I'm very happy with what I purchased.. NYX body and face bronzer.. Lip Liners & Eyebrow Pencils.. the brushes was from Royal Crown .. great quility! and so freakin CHEAP!.. I think I got all three for $10!!!

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Can't Wait to use everything!!! =)

Went out on the past Saturday for two friends birthday... I haven't been out in a while... so it was fun getting all dolled up.. I usually don't wear any makeup at all ... out of pure laziness.. .. and plus it takes me 2 hours to get ready.. (if I know I'm going out to somewhere special)... because I like to make it into an event.. I'll put music and tv on... I'll do a little bit of this.. stop watch tv... do a little bit of that.. stop and sing with the song.. lol . .. I have A.D.D when it comes to putting on makeup for myself..... I was in the mood for some color.. so I decided to do GREEN!

Let Me TRANsform you......Makeup & Hair Trial for Yen..

I've got introduced to Yen my good friend Pini... I did Pini Hair and Makeup for a Fashion show that she was going to attend with her friends.. Yen was one of them..she liked the job I did on Pini... and Voila.. few weeks later I met up with her at her beautiful nail salon "Lee's Nails" for a trail run....She's getting married soon and like a typical bride she's testing her options.. =) Hopefully I get to work with her again soon.. also maybe I'll get to work with her friend soon too.. she saw what I did to Yen.. and Yen gave her my number! OHH yah!!! Beautifying one person at a time!! That's how I'll take over the world....MUAhahahahaha... lol

This is Pini... the day I did her Hair & Mu

And this Is Yen....all she was concerned about was to make her eyes appear bigger.. so that was my main goal!

She wanted me to do her hair like this...


Special Thanks to Yen for sending me these photos..
I brought my camera .. but forgot to put the memory card back in when I last uploaded.. lol what a ditz!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Out with the Old .. In with the new.. Season that is..

Time to Glamour up my nails....Momma's going out tomorrow for a friends B-day=) I was wearing Essie Decadent Diva for a week..I'm so over it.. Since its "Spring".. (sure doesn't feel like it in Chicago) ..I'm in the mood for something bright and youthful!! So I decided to go with Essie Perky Purple and Big Spender.... I polished one layer of Perky Purple first.. then another layer of Big Spender on top... I personally would have like Perky Purple on top.. because its more purple... but to late.. lol.. I don't want to go through the hassle of re-polishing...

Tips for doing your own nails..
*Always clean with Acetone or Alcohol before polishing keeps your polish on longer..
*Use a good base coat to protect and help the polish adhere to nails
*Most important.. Use a great top coat! I always use Seche Vite .. or once and a while I would switch it up and use Poshe
*If you do have a nail brush .. that would be great tool to use. Or you can use one of your old makeup brush.. but don't reuse for applying makeup. Dip it in acetone and clean your skin
*Last but not least.. I always polish my thumbs last .. because by doing that I can use them to clean my fingers if I do accidentally get polish on my skin.

Let Me TRANSform you...

Last week I worked with my good friend Melissa Diep(Chicago Lifestyle/Destination
Photographer) & Valerie Miles(Model) .. had a blast... the shoot was at this amazing Penthouse on Michigan Ave..

For Valerie MU.. I wanted to make her look like a Victoria Secret Model... simple as that..

*Moisturize face with Cetaphil
*Prime her face with Smashbox Photo Finish
*Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory
*Victoria Secret Very Sexy Concealer
*Set the foundation with Make Up For Ever HD Powder (makes the skin looks flawless)
*Prime Eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion
*Coastal Scents Eyeshadows both 88 Ultra Shimmer(Gold) and 88 Warm Palettes(Bronze Brown)
*Coastal Scents Eyeshadows to Line the eyes in Brown
*Coastal Scents Eyeshadow to fill in the eyebrows
*Bronze and Contour with Victoria Secret Silky Bronzing Powder in Copacabana
*Coastal Scents 10 Color Blush Palette on Cheeks
*Victoria Secret Very Sexy Loose Shimmer Powder in Role Play as a Highlighter
*Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer White/Silver Eyeshawdow to highlight nose and top of lips
*Curl eyelashes
*Mascara with Maybelline The Colosssal Volum' Express in Waterproof
*Apply False Lashes with Ardell 117 in Black use DUO glue.
*When Lashes dry apply another coat of Mascara to blend in real lashes with falses
*Apply bottom lashes as well
*Line lips with Victoria Secret Very Sexy Sheer Lip Liner Pouty Pink
*Apply Lipstick with Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick in Whisper
*Add Gloss
*Dap a little shimmer powder right on the middle of the bottom lip to add more of a pouty affect.


Les Tai Tai compact mirror!!

Click here for Les Tai Tai Website
How cute is this compact mirror...

Kinda looks like the Sephora Luxury Light Stand($1000).. but a small compact version which is only $20!

Click here for Sephora Website

My First Blog! Whaaa Whoot!

Howdy!!.. Whoa I haven't blogged.. sinceeeee.. XANGA!.. My gosh..that means a looong time ago! First things first.. Hi.. my name is Tran.... I was born in Texas.. raised in New Orleans.. Live in Chicago but I call Houston, TX my home.. Hopefully I'll be moving back soon. My reasons for starting a blog is because I wanted a creative outlook to show my work on Makeup & Hair. I also wanted to talk about makeup .. hair..nails fashion.. anything my big heart desires. <3