Monday, March 29, 2010

American Beauty Show.....

So I wasn't going to attend the American Beauty Show... but then my friend Karen called me up and said she had 3 extra tickets!!! So I called up my girlfriends.. Polly and Diem to come with me.. we met our friend Jean there also! It was so much fun! So much to see! We were all running around like mad woman's! We were literally trying to see everything and everyone!!! I love conventions!! This is really nothing compare to International Beauty Show Las Vegas. All and All we girls had fun! I didn't go crazy and bought everything! ..I was trying to be very conscious of what I was gong to buy! .. So I only bought a couple of items.. brushes..and a few makeup that I needed.. .. Oh Yah! Tabitha.. from Bravo was there also!! She's tiny in person! and of course her hair was perfect!

Diem and I
Diem and Polly

A back shot of Tabitha Head taken with my Iphone lol

How crazy and cool is she!!

A few of Chi Master Stylist .. hair was flying every which way! lol

So soft!!! and super cute!

I'm very happy with what I purchased.. NYX body and face bronzer.. Lip Liners & Eyebrow Pencils.. the brushes was from Royal Crown .. great quility! and so freakin CHEAP!.. I think I got all three for $10!!!

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Can't Wait to use everything!!! =)

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