Monday, March 29, 2010

Let Me TRANsform you......Makeup & Hair Trial for Yen..

I've got introduced to Yen my good friend Pini... I did Pini Hair and Makeup for a Fashion show that she was going to attend with her friends.. Yen was one of them..she liked the job I did on Pini... and Voila.. few weeks later I met up with her at her beautiful nail salon "Lee's Nails" for a trail run....She's getting married soon and like a typical bride she's testing her options.. =) Hopefully I get to work with her again soon.. also maybe I'll get to work with her friend soon too.. she saw what I did to Yen.. and Yen gave her my number! OHH yah!!! Beautifying one person at a time!! That's how I'll take over the world....MUAhahahahaha... lol

This is Pini... the day I did her Hair & Mu

And this Is Yen....all she was concerned about was to make her eyes appear bigger.. so that was my main goal!

She wanted me to do her hair like this...


Special Thanks to Yen for sending me these photos..
I brought my camera .. but forgot to put the memory card back in when I last uploaded.. lol what a ditz!

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