Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So it started out going to Old Navy to JUST RETURN these really cute pair of sandals that I couldn't fit ... BOOO...  but going in there I just couldn't control myself... Instead of returning .. I EXCHANGED!! ... There was such a good price ...2 for $5 Flip Flops.. I couldn't resist! Also I bought a very CUTE Metal Water Bottle... GO GREEN right?  I also included 2 other shoes that I bought in Houston when I was there.

Which Shoes to Choose tomorrow=)
My new Spring FAV!! So CUTE! Got this also at Old Navy in Houston for $3!! YUP!! That's Right!  The gal at the register accidentally charged me $3 bucks for them! Lol..
I absolutely LOVE!!! this Sandals!! Its my favorite at the moment!! I know Steve Madden something quite similar.. but I cannot and will not pay $90 bucks for Sandals.... Guess how much mines were....$15 bucks!!! YUP at this store in Houston called LOVE CULTURE, It's like another Forever 21 but Cheaper! 
Excuse my Pale feet.. I'm in need of a Pedi and SUN=)
 So DARLING!! and friendly to the environment! I can't wait to use it at work! Hopefully it keeps my water COOL all day!

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