Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let Me TRANsform You..... Dalia The Birthday Girl!

Yesterday I got to work with Dalia .. I was introduced to her a couple of years ago by my good friend Lyna. Dalia was celebrating her 23rd Birthday with her friend Jenny Tang! Birthday Shout Out to you both=) Getting to know Dalia more I found out that her and Jenny was born on the same day, same hospital, same doctor, even same floor.. and top it off their parents are friends... How freaking COOL is that! .. Their kinda like Twins lol but anyways Dalia is a very natural girl.. and since it's her birthday I had to GLAM her up! You know me.. I don't ever do anything small.. lol I did her hair and Mu... Hope you guys like it.. because she looked H..O..T... HOT!

lol.. I didn't even noticed Lyna in the Background till now.. How CUTE is she.. lol

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