Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let Me TRANsform you .... on my already beautiful cousin Christi..

So my cousin Christi and I was bored.. and she wanted to try out her new Hair Extension from Jessica Simpson HairDo. I actually used it on myself and other poeple a couple of times so that's why she wanted to try it out. Since I'm going to do her hair .. I might as well give her a makeover =) I even gave her Lash Extensions. I will post pictures of that later...You can actually kinda see in the second set of photos.....anyways.. She's a very natural kinda girl.. so I went all out on her. Her favorite color is PURPLE.. so I incorporated that in her eyes.. I just lined the bottom of her eyes with a bit of color.. The hair looks great on her.. but when you take pictures you can really tell the color difference.. but in real life.. it matches pretty well. .. Maybe because of the high flash .. and plus the hair is synthetic. Overall we like the Hair Extensions HairDo ..the only downfall is that its hard to find the perfect shade because you can't open or try on the extension.

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