Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What an EXHAUSTING couple of weeks... It went by soooo FAST! Haven't had time to do anything!! I went back home to Houston! It was great! Love hanging out with my family!! I even went to the Rockets Game against Utah Thanks to my cousin Christi... Speaking of Christi I even gave her a TRANsformation.. ... ...I miss Houston already.... coming home was horrible!! Flying standby is crazy! We couldn't get out of Houston to Chicago.. so we ended up going to Dallas trying to get a connecting flight to Chicago..When we got to Dallas ..we couldn't get on ..till the next day!! Thank GOD I have family in Dallas.. Hung out with my cousins for a night.. then it was back to Dallas Airport at 7am.. still couldn't fly out to Chicago.. so flew to St. Louis there at 10am... couldn't get on a flight till 8pm .. I have family in St. Louis too lol! .. But didn't want to bother them... stayed at the airport till 6pm when we finally got on a plane back home to CHICAGO!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!.. My house is a MESS!! Still have not unpack! .. So I'm going to update Houston Trip first.. hopefully tonight I can get around on reviewing some of my goodies I bought.

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