Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SIN...(in the blogging world)

YES YES.. I KNOW.... I haven't blogged in FORRRRREVERRR!  Life has got the best of me.  So my welcome back treat for you guys..well, more for me.. is reviews on goodies from my favorite store.....
*drumroll* ....

..but first let me say this before I forget.. because of my bad memory..and my *Distracted Squirrel Syndrome*...  I tend to forget what I have to say because like a Squirrel I get distracted easily haha..
okay..back on track..  I created a business page? on Facebook... so be sure to check it out.. and save me.. and tell all your friends and family to click on the "LIKE" button puhhhlease =)
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Okay the products I'm going to review are ...
1. Stila Smudge Pot $20
2. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner $20
       (which btw.. I think the name is horrible..why would you put the word Smudge in your name when you want it to do the complete opposite.)
3. Sephora Eye Liner Last $14 ..on sale for $6
4. Sephora Lip Last $14 on sale for $6

.. okay people! lets get started....,
1. Stila Smudge Pot. ...I've tried it in the store ...I applied it, walked around the store for a bit and then let it set, rubbed it a little and it smudged a little.  I bought it anyway to give it a real review in the future.
2.  Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. ... Let me say that in all my life..I have never...I mean NEVER came across an eyeliner (in pencil form) that really ...TRULY is WATERPROOF!  The only one that really worked for me was Maybelline Ultra Waterproof Liquid Liner ..now this is really waterproof! You can swim ..sweat.. workout.. and it will not smudge or run.  Its not your average Liner .. the way it dries is kinda like almost latex.  So when it's time to come off.. its kinda flaky.  Also, the application brush sucks ..so I actually use my own liner brush. Anyways back to Stila.. I will say that it does work! When you use it.. you will have to let it set first!  I applied it on my wrist.  Let it Set.  RUBBED the heck out of it.. Did not budge! So it works! BUT here comes real life.  I applied it to my lids... and because I am ASIAN! and I have small eyelids! OILY eyelids to be exact.  Few hours later this smudge and smeared on me like crazy.   But for all you big wide eyelids people out there by all means this is a GREAT product for you! If you don't have oily eyelids and your eyelids don't touch your top part of your eyes then this truly works great!  I will say that I will give this product another try because I didn't prime my eyes.. or do any other NECESSARY tricks that will help my liner last longer.
3. Sephora Eye Liner Last... WHOEVER CREATED THIS IS A GENIUS!!! I will truly try this out tomorrow and if it really works on my lids.. I will go back and STOCK UP!! It's only $6!!! Okay heres how it works.  You know how when you paint your nails ..last step is to apply top coat?  Well same concept.  The formula is clear and its kinda like a top coat for your eyeliner.  I really should have applied this to my lids when I used Stila Eyeliner ..but I forgot.   See in the photo below the two top eyeliner are Stila Waterproof Liner and the bottom is Lancome ..Not waterproof.  I applied the Sephora Eye Liner Last Sealer on the First Line.. and let it dry.. and Voila didn't move when I rubbed.. but then again Stila WL is made to work in the beginning.. so I wanted to test out my Lancome eyeliner that ALWAYS SMUDGE on me.. even just by gracing it,, it will smear... but it didn't really move when I applied the sealer! ...So this product gets an A+ in my book for now.  I will test this product out over my Stila eyeliner tomorrow and see how it holds up when Real Life hits it!
4. Sephora Lip Last... because it was so cheap... I said why not buy this product.  Same concept as Sephora Eyeliner Last... kinda like a top coat but for your lipstick.. I appied Lipstick.. then the Sealor over my lipstick... it kinda work and kinda didn't.. If I rubbed gently it won't move.. but if I kept rubbing then yes... and you know your lips move all the time..  So eventually this will come off...  I rather just invest in Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor this product is AWESOME! You can shower it still won't come off... even with SOAP! CRAZY!  Great for Bridal Makeup.  The only thing that will take it off is makeup remover.. or any kinda oil.

Anywho... Hope my Little reviews help!  <3 

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